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Support for your Wellbeing

A Swimming Summer Over the summer holidays I’ve had the opportunity to delve into a course of study: The Science and Practice of Wellbeing.  This course of study focussed on positive psychology.  It's been produced by The Langley Group. The biggest takeaway for me is first and foremost to extend compassion to oneself and others.  *  This [...]

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The Gottman Institute

How is your relationship going?  Is it growing?  Recently I attended further training from the Gottman Institute.  This helps me  to further utilise the Relationship Checkup.  This research-based assessment adds value to relationship counselling.  The Gottman INTAKE process is made up of 4 sessions.   When counselling is done online, other arrangements can be made [...]

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Nurture your relationship

 Relationship Counselling: Nurturing Relationships  I will work with you in relationship counselling to nurture your relationship.  Nurturing your relationship also leads to better individual mental health, and vice-versa.  Comparisons It's so easy to compare your relationship with others.  This may be from what you see in friends' relationships, or what you read online or see in [...]

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Counselling Illuminates Relationships, and helps you see the light

  You and your partner can grow through Relationship Counselling.  Each have your own subjective reality of your relationship.  I hear partners separately in phone Intakes, and sometimes wonder if they belong to the same couple!   I hope that is not you.  However you can grow and catapult your 'growing up' through Relationship Counselling.  [...]

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Bereavement Counselling

One of the skills I offer in relationship counselling is Bereavement Counselling.  When you hear the word 'bereavement', it may trigger particular memories for you.  Most people have had experience with bereavement following the death of a loved one, being a family member or friend, or even a family pet.  If not, you have certainly [...]

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So thankful!

So it's now 2020.  How will you reset your attitude and intentions for this year?   By your engagement in Relationship Counselling, I can help to guide you in resetting your intentions. I have been intentionally practicing Gratitude by taking 5 minutes each night before retiring to sleep, and journalling 3 things for which I am [...]

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