One of the skills I offer in relationship counselling is Bereavement Counselling.  When you hear the word ‘bereavement’, it may trigger particular memories for you.  Most people have had experience with bereavement following the death of a loved one, being a family member or friend, or even a family pet.  If not, you have certainly experienced grief due to loss through a life change or transition.

While reviewing some notes for an upcoming client session, in particular by Dr Iain McGilchrist (on Grief and Loss) who discusses how “Life and Death are inseparable processes”, and that “death is an affirmation of life”, this truism gelled with the assertion that grief is the price we pay for love.

Science tells us and we experience that life is constantly changing, and our bodies are constantly changing.  Death begins at our birth, hence death is the condition on which we have life.   We cannot have one without the other.  We need the opposites in Life, however that may be difficult to accept when we are going through the shock of death of a loved one.


Reference: Dr Iain McGilchrist,