The Gottman Institute

How is your relationship going?  Is it growing?  Recently I attended further training from the Gottman Institute.  This helps me  to further utilise the Relationship Checkup.  This research-based assessment adds value to relationship counselling.  The Gottman INTAKE process is made up of 4 sessions.   When counselling is done online, other arrangements can be made [...]

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Accept what you cannot change

Today I finished reading a novel by Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose. No doubt it was a Pulitzer Prize Winner, and I was sorry it ended. Yet the penultimate line was on the last page, “Wisdom….is knowing what you have to accept”.  This reminds me of the Serenity Prayer. The angle of repose that Stegner referred [...]

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Many couples say that their goal is to learn to communicate better. I find that often in the past they have know how to communicate, however there have been some more recent roadblocks that have prevented it. Sometimes the daily routines and roles have gotten in the way of making intentional time to be together [...]

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Life Transition

Midlife crisis or transformation? Some people make grandiose purchases in midlife. Does this mean that they are going through a crisis, or a search for more meaning? Perhaps both? Transitions can be stressful, however change is a constant in life. How we deal with stress will determine how we accept change. Certainly any decadent birthday [...]

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Child-Foccused Parenting

When I see couples whose children are indulged with material possessions despite financial stressors on their relationship, I wonder if their children know about the finances? I hope they don’t! However the parents need to monitor their own spending priorities. Reduce Conflict around Children Other times I ask how conflict between partners impacts their children. [...]

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Forgiveness is not a dirty word

Many have said in jest, “forgive and forget”.  However we would not want to forget events, otherwise where is the learning? What we do want though is less negative intensity of memories that trigger us. Forgiveness is a living thing, and it’s brought alive by the intention of our will. Life wasn’t meant to be [...]

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The Maths of ‘good enough’ relationships

Couple relationships can be as different as the individuals who comprise them.  However there are some important ingredients to enable relationships to work well, and others to work well enough.  So what constitutes a ‘good enough’ relationship? In my research and in what clients have taught me, the ‘good enough’ relationship is one in which both [...]

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