Many couples say that their goal is to learn to communicate better. I find that often in the past they have know how to communicate, however there have been some more recent roadblocks that have prevented it. Sometimes the daily routines and roles have gotten in the way of making intentional time to be together to check in with each other and talk about how each is feeling; as opposed to daily pragmatics, for example, of who is dropping off children and what they’ll have for dinner.

Connection is about more than being room-mates. It involves sharing from the heart is about how each feels about their day and happenings, rather than merely those happenings themselves. I’ve been reading Created for Connection by Dr Sue Johnson and Kenneth Sanderfer (2016) and the following is an except on this topic:

“Many years and studies later, it is perfectly clear that romantic love is all about attachment. Emotional bonding is a wired-in survival code designed to keep loved ones close so that they will be there when we are in need. In order to truly thrive, we all need someone to depend on, a loved one who can offer reliable emotional connection and comfort. This partnership is the natural antidote to humanity’s greatest pain: being alone in the face of the uncertainty of life.” (p6)

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