Gottman Approved Member

How is your relationship going?  Is it growing?  Recently I attended further training from the Gottman Institute.  This helps me  to further utilise the Relationship Checkup.  This research-based assessment adds value to relationship counselling. 

The Gottman INTAKE process is made up of 4 sessions.   When counselling is done online, other arrangements can be made to facilitate the Intake.  Please call to enquire.  Initially the couple spend 1.5 hrs with the counsellor to:

  • Give information about the Assessment Process including the online Gottman Relationship Checkup questionnaire, cover off on all the confidentiality and no-secrets policy, and
  • Enquire about the History of their Relationship.  

Then individual sessions are booked for 1 hr for each of the couple.  This helps the counsellor get the perspective of the relationship for each partner.  Parters often share individual concerns with the relationship counsellor that they are not yet able to share with their partner.  Following this a joint FEEDBACK session of 1 hr is booked for the counsellor to give feedback about the 3 parts of the Assessment.  Plus the counsellor then works collaboratively with the couple to determine the goals of counselling.  

Gottman certified counsellors consider that 15-20 hourly sessions may be required for all the goals of the relationship to be met.  This sounds a lot!   However there are some key interventions for relationship help.  These need to be used and practiced in sessions.  Then partners can use these at home.  So you owe it to yourself and your partner to work at this.  Be the best partner you can be! 

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